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Black Ops Tough Phone


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SOLD OUT and Discontinued - Take a look at the R5 instead.

This is a smart-phone for workers...not gamers.

If you work in the dust, the heat, or the rain. If you don’t walk on carpet all day. If you work in a noisy environment. If you want a rugged smart-phone that is useful despite all the above - and still be able to check your email....then this is the mobile phone for you.

We've stripped out all the junk, and left out the carrier apps, to give you a tough phone that performs well and has great battery life.

Compatible with the Telstra  NextG™ network - it also has a second, 2G only, SIM card slot. This means that you can have a SIM for you and a SIM for work - or, if you travel a lot, you can keep your overseas 2G SIM in the phone. Please remember the second slot is 2G only - which means it will only work where your carrier has a 2G service ( ie In Australia, the second sim works great in most metro areas - but not out of town where carriers do not have 2G coverage.)

The speakers and ringer have been turned up so you can hear calls in noisy environments. It's WiFi hotspot means you can connect it to your tablet or laptop and share the phones Internet connection.

It is also designed to...

  • Resist multiple drops on concrete from 1.2m
  • Resist water to a depth of 1.2m for up to 40 minutes
  • Be impervious to dust when closed

...and all without a case.

For more information read the Specifications and FAQ's at the bottom of this page.


What's in the box....

  1. 1 x Black Ops Phone with a Mongrel Glass screen protector already applied.
  2. 1 x Quick Start Guide
  3. 1 x Mini Screwdriver to fit on your car keys, so you can open the battery cover if required.
  4. 2 x USB leads to go to your charger at home or in the car ( Wall Charger Optional, we do not sell car chargers...but any 5Volt, 1Amp USB car Charger will do)
  5. 1 x earphones.


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Overall: 5
2014-01-14 06:46:50

Impressed is an understatement.

After destroying 3 smart phones (iphone, experia and htc) over 12 months, I was fed up and started a search for something tougher....then I came across Mongrel Phones! I am terrible with phones and tend to mistreat them without any effort. My black-ops phone has already withstood the punishment of being dropped, knocked off benches, dropped in a bucket of render and rinsed off, kicked while dropped and skidded along concrete, and the list goes on......the others just fell apart if only half of that happened. I take every opportunity to show it off when I can :) Thanks again Geoff for your follow up support and updates. It's the personal touch that makes a real difference

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  1. Is the Black Ops Compatible with the Telstra network?
  2. Can I use my existing Telstra SIM with the Mongrel - Black Ops?
  3. Can I put my Contacts from my old SIM/sdCard on to the Black Ops?
  4. Why did Mongrel Phones make the Black Ops incompatible with the Optus and Vodafone 3G networks?
  5. What other SIM’s are most compatible with the Mongrel Black Ops?
  6. Can I use a SIM for a Carrier that does not use the Telstra network?
  7. Can I play music with the Mongrel - Black Ops?
  8. Is there a User Manual?
  9. Can the font size be changed?

Is the Black Ops Compatible with the Telstra network?

Yes, the Black Ops can operate  on Telstra on the 2100 MHz and 850 MHz frequencies which means it is compatible with Telstra’s 3G network, including regional areas.

Can I use my existing Telstra SIM with the Mongrel - Black Ops?

Yes, the Black Ops is completely unlocked and you can use your existing SIM without needing any changes.

Can I put my Contacts from my old SIM/sdCard on to the Black Ops?

Absolutely. There are instructions on how to import your contacts from your previous phone.

Why did Mongrel Phones make the Black Ops incompatible with the Optus and Vodafone 3G networks?

Reception. Fullstop.

The 850MHz band ( Telstra) is just too close to the 900MHz band ( Optus, and to a lesser extent Vodafone). If we tried to optimise for both bands, we found that we were getting poor reception on both. We would have to choose between good reception on a single network - or poor to average reception on all networks. We decided to put reception first.

What other SIM’s are most compatible with the Mongrel Black Ops?

Boost and Aldi both provide plans - either prepaid or postpaid, that work on Telstra's network and are compatible with the Black Ops.

Can I use a SIM for a Carrier that does not operate on Telstra's network?

Yes, but there are a few conditions....Read these carefully.

The Black Ops can operate on any Australian network on 2G. This means that in cities and towns, where the 2G network exists for that carrier, you will be able to make calls and send texts as usual with non-Telstra SIMs. 2G coverage is poor outside of towns. 2G is also fast enough for emails if you are happy for them to take a couple of minutes to go through. We do not recommend 2G for web surfing.

 I am stuck on a plan for a non-Telstra carrier. What should I do?

In this case we recommend getting a prepaid SIM from Aldi. They have cheap calls and the credit lasts for 365 days. As the Black Ops is dual-SIM, you can put this SIM in the 3G SIM1 slot and your original SIM in the 2G only slot. You can forward calls when you are unavailable, from the non-Telstra compatible SIM to the Telstra compatible one. That way, when you are in a Telstra-only area, you will still be able to make and receive calls and texts. When your plan runs out - look at Telstra compatible options.

How does the Dual-SIM feature work?

The Black Ops is dual-SIM, dual standby. This means that both SIMs are active at the same time. You will receive calls on either SIM. If you are already on a call, you will hear a beeping on the speaker to indicate that you have another call waiting. At this point you must choose between calls or ignore the second call and allow it through to messaging.

Either SIM can receive data from the internet  - but only one at a time.  You must choose which SIM is to receive data. The other SIM will have data disabled. The 2G only SIM slot is much slower.

Can I play music with the Mongrel - Black Ops?

Yes. The phone has a in-built Music app and an FM Radio( the radio needs the earphones plugged in to act as an antenna). It also has an SDcard slot so that you can store all your music and photos, and take them with you to your next phone.

Is there a User Manual?

Please see our Resources Page.

Can the Font Size be Changed?

Yes, there are 4 sizes from small to huge - but how they affect different apps depends on the developer.

Operating System Android 4.0
Processor Qualcomm 8227A
Processor Cores Dual Core
Clock Speed 1.2 GHz
Screen Type Capacitive
Display Type WVGA (800 x 480)
Screen Size 4.3"
Physical Size 137.3 mm x 70mm x 15mm
Internal Memory 512MB RAM, 512 MB ROM (250MB available), included 16GB microSD card
SD Card Slot microSD (up to 32GB)
Headset Jack 3.5mm
Battery Capacity (mAh) 2000 mAh
Sim No SIM
GSM Frequencies 850, 900, 1800, 1900
Compatible 2G Carriers 1800 MHz (Telstra), 900 MHz (Telstra)
3G Frequencies 850 MHz, 2100 MHz
Compatible 3G Carriers 850 MHz (Telstra NexttG), 2100 MHz
Battery Type Li Ion
WiFi yes
Wi Fi Hotspot Yes
Bluetooth yes
USB yes
Front Camera 0.3 MP
Rear Camera 8 MP
Ingress Protection Rating IP 68 (dust tight, immersion exceeding 1m as per test)

Please read our Warranty Policy.

All our phones have a 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This is not a defects warranty. This is in addition to your statutory rights against defects, under Australian Consumer Law, and will be honoured regardless of whether your phone is defective or not.

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase we will refund you the full price, less a 5% restocking fee. Phones MUST be returned undamaged in their original packaging.

If the phone is damaged, or packaging is missing, please contact

and we will try to negotiate a fair settlement.


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